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Spent the entire week in a very excited mood, Veysel Baba has focused impatiently on his next meeting with Silent Foot. Because his friend Silent Foot was going to share some details on the Holy Ark standing under her protection. Thus, Veysel Baba with his desire for knowledge would be informed on the famous Holy Ark protected and kept in secret for hundreds of years. However, our curious Veysel Baba couldn’t anticipate new problems to arise from the disclosure of stated details and secrets.

Decided to tell his entire knowledge to Veysel Baba during their last meeting, the warmhearted Silent Foot has contacted with Lord Parapanu through the Frequency Stone and notified his decision as she returned home near the St. John’s Hoxton Church. She stated of being tired so much that her old body fails to bear a soul. She also told that she was ruined emotionally with the intention to taste the juice of eternity called death.

Heard of Silent Foot’s cries, screams and request very well, Lord Parapanu allowed Silent Foot to some secrets of the Holy Ark with Veysel Baba on certain conditions. Lord Parapanu once more honored the warmhearted Harsiyeh, our Silent Fox, as her guardian. Because both Lord Parapanu and his wife Princess Batavine loved the exhausted Veysel Baba very much. For this reason, Princess Batavine couldn’t stand anymore and went to the second hand market with several objects related to the Holy Ark in order to see the man of loneliness Veysel Baba closer. As the most beautiful mother of goddess among all foxes on this earth, Princess Batavine disguised as a person by using her magical powers and stole Veysel Baba’s heart at that moment.

Princess Batavine returned his magnificent palace after she made the prince of loneliness Veysel Baba to fall in such a beautiful feeling called love and she gave some information to Lord Parapanu on her experiences in the second hand market. Impressed with his dearest wife, Lord Parapanu involved in preparations to meet and have a conversation with kind Veysel Baba while he was unaware of all those incidents. Once again, he went to the meat store prior to the important meeting by next weekend. He bouht two fresh ducks and returned home. But an unkown power was just calling him back to the second hand market. Although he know his ultimate love Princess Batavine would not visit this antique store, he returned with his last hope since couldn’t stop thinking of beautiful Batavine. Actually, a man’s love to a fox with many dreams was just caused by the mysterious stories.

Sworn to avoid love, the exhausted man has broken his oath for the beautiful Princess Batavine transformed to a human in the second hand market. Where was his ultimate love Princess Batavine now? Could he see her once more?

Veysel Baba went to the second hand market and he was very disappointed by meeting an old man here. He started to examine the materials on the old man’s stand. There were many interesting things on the old man’s stand. After Veysel Baba observed them carefully, he said:

‘’ There are so many interesting pieces among your materials.’’

‘’ Yes, every piece is produced for a certain purpose with independent functions.’’

‘’ I see you in this antique market for the first time.’’

‘’ Indeed, I came to give a message just like her.’’

‘’ What do you mean by her? The beautiful Princess Batavibe? ‘’

‘’ Yes, I mean Princess Batavine.’’

‘’ Well, how do you know her?’’

‘’ I am the Princess Batavine’s husband, Lord Parapanu. I came here to know you as well as to give you warnings and sell something.”

‘’ Believe me, I don’t know what to say right now. I was in a panic mood due to the incidents in last few weeks. As I saw you, my panic and surprised mood has increased.’’

‘’ There’s no need to feel such panic. I came here to know you and give some warnings. Remember that I am the one allowed and guided our fox brother resurrected you in the middle of a park. I am also the one allowing this kind friend to establish a friendship with you. But the things have changed as you passed the limits by forcing her to disclose his knowledge on the Holy Ark. There is a security problem for this ark protected by us. This ark contains certain information, materials and belongings related to the doomsday. In this ark, there are also some codes and passwords regarding the mystery of existence. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the information on the Holy Ark. In the contrary case, the people would visit the church in crowds when they realize that the Holy Ark they have been searching for hundreds of years is actually burried under a church in London and they would harm the church’s foundation. In this respect, as Lord Parapanu, I request you to keep those information between us. Our love and trust to you is eternal. Please don’t force our kind sister Harsiyeh, as you call her Silent Foot, by following the limits notified to you.’’

Listened Lord Parapanu’s warnings carefully, Veysel Baba said: “First, I thank you for your eternal trust. I would also like to thank you for giving me a new life. With respect to your important warnings, I am as much worried as you.

Besides, since I was exposed to biggest impact from the people in the past, I have isolated myself and preferred a lonely life. In such loneliness, a talking fox appeared to me when I lost my hope and gave me a brand new life. In return of such kindness, I would like to give all of my love to my fox friends. I would like to give a place for you in my tired heart.’’

Following Veysel Baba’s emotional speech, Lord Parapanu once realized they have taken the right decision by contacting with people for this issue and creating a friendship based on mutual trust. He could trust this exhausted man forever and provide several information on his primary duty. Accordingly, Lord Parapanu took the mask and told:

‘’ We already knew that you have a decent heart. We knew very well that you were in search for a new friend in such deep loneliness. In order to save you from this loneliness, we brought you the talking fox and then my beloved wife Batavine appeared to you in this market for the first time. Now, as Lord Parapanu, I am here to give last warnings and inform you on your next duty. Here, you will perform your duty with this mask in my hands. This is a magical mask. By wearing it, you will be able to speak with other fox brothers and reply their questions. Your ultimate task is to teach all foxes living around Shoredicth Park once a week. You can give information on this world, universe or other lives by meeting with them every Saturday. As Lord Parapanu, the guardian of all foxes in this world, I would like to ensure the foxes to be wise and well equipped in all aspects. In the spare times, you could be their Taleteller Grandpa by telling some tales to the foxes and their puppies. By this meaningful task, you would hold on life and be happier.

Dearest Veysel Baba! I came this second hand market to tell all these things. In this point, my duty is completed as Lord Parapanu. Now, take this magical mask and try to perform your holy assignment. God speed you. You have all of our love, respect and good wishes. Goodbye the decent man, goodbye!” After those words, he disappeared in a cluster of lights.

Veysel Baba returned home desparately with a mask. He went to the second hand market with the hope to see the beautiful Princess Batavine again while his hopes were disappeared suddenly as he saw the old man. However, he was also glad to know the great king and the lord of all foxes in this world, Lord Parapanu. As the good Lord Parapanu warned him, on the other hand, he assigned several duties. In fact, the phenomenon called life includes so many surprises that it has become apparent everything would happen at any time.

The man of duty, Veysel Baba, went to the meeting with a great enthusiasm.He first presented the fried duck to his friend Silent Foot. Then, he gave a detailed information on his meeting with the great king Lord Parapanu and his recent assignment. Silent Foot congratulated Veysel Baba on his new duty and started to reveal certain secrets on the Holy Ark in a chronological order, as she promised in the previous meeting.

“There are many rumors and beliefs on the Holy Ark mentioned in various religious sources and searched by the people for over centuries. In some religious sources, it is stated that the Holy Ark is created by the tree of heaven. It is also told that Prophet David brought this Holy Ark to the holy city of Jerusalem. Afterwards, a rumor has occured that the Holy Ark disappeared suddenly. Since then the Holy Ark has been a puzzle.

The information I gave you until this point are the facts known by many people. However, the information I would tell you right now shall be the first one to be disclosed to a person. As my beloved mother told me long time ago, the truth is as follows: The Holy Ark was taken secretly to a city named Antioch by one of the apostles of Jesus when he was crussified and then it was delivered by a monk to St.Peter’s Cave Church regarded as the first church of Christianity. Kept under the protection of archpriest St. Petrus in this church, the Holy Ark was delivered to the famous Dark Church in Cappadocia.

They say the Holy Ark kept very well in one of the tunnels under the Dark Church for a long time was then protected by a man of God called St. Yorgi and loved by the Anatolian people. They also say St. Yorgi shows up to foxes and the people in the form of a savior angel, a light, an old man or a lion following his death. In one of these moments, St. Yorgi established a friendship with my great grandmother coincidently in the form of a lion. Since great wars and conflicts between religions have rised at that time, the duty to protect the Holy Ark kept in the Dark Church has been given by St. Yorgi to my great grandmother. This Holy Ark kept by my family for almost six hundred years was then delivered to a place called Dersim by an Armenian sait of St. Serciyus.

In this place, St. Serciyus hid the Holy Ark in an ancient church known as Wang in the Harsiye village. The duty of protecting the Holy Ark was assigned respectively to my great grandmother, my grandmother and my mother. I was born in this village and my mother gave me the name of village when she was protecting the Holy Ark. But this duty has been taken back from my mother as she broke the rules just like I did whereas she also lost the order of immortality.

My beloved mother gave me a special code prior to her death. She said St. Yorgi would come for help and save me from troubles as soon as I shout “Qizir”.

The order of immortality and duty of protecting the Holy Ark have been given to me by the Great Council of Foxes in this village. I was just seven years old and I didn’t have a sufficient experience for such a duty. I also had two sisters with whom I have experienced jealousy for protecting the Holy Ark. One of my sisters stole the mystical stones from the Holy Ark delivered by your side and she brought them to the God of Evil Bastala. Then, with the God of Evil Bastala’s help, my evil sisters intended to make all foxes around the vicinity to rise against me. As my sisters failed, they wanted to steal the Holy Ark protected by my side.

Due to the endless greed, desire and ambition of my sisters, I couldn’t know what to do next. In this desperate ambient, I recalled my mother’s coded word and I shouted Qizir for three times. After a while, a wise old man appeared to me and asked for my wishes. I told him the entire story and asked for his assistance. The old man listened to me very carefully while he promised to return and disappeared for a certain period. As I have been informed consequently, the old man called Qizir rised to the sky suddenly with his wings and started to search for the construction of a church. In London, he found the construction of a church named St. John’s Hoxton.  The old man returned immediately and brought me and the Holy Ark at speed of light. And at a midnight, this Holy Ark was placed on the solid foundation of St. John’s Hoxton Church in the presence of our great Lord Parapanu, our beloved Princess Batavine and the Great Council of Foxes.

“I have been living in my shelter by the walls of St. John’s Hoxton Church together with this Holy Ark since 1826. The stones of Holy Ark were returned with your assistance and the key of Holy Ark were brought to its original place. This is the barely known story of the Holy Ark brought to me by Great Council of Foxes two hundred years ago for protection. Maybe the order of immortality and the duty of protecting this Holy Ark shall be taken from me and given to another fox since I have told the entire story to you. I currently don’t know the future and I also don’t want to be informed. Because I am very exhausted as an immortal fox and I started to search for the eternal peace called death. By this means, I would meet with my mother in another world and we would reach the pure happiness at that time.’’


10/10/2016 Veysel  Baba - Kinder House, London