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Veysel Baba made his dream come true. He and his fox friends more pleased and peaceful when they returned to London. They were so excited and impatient to move to the farm house outside London a few weeks later. The beautiful Shoreditch Park where all foxes were grown up and played is on one side whereas a fantastic and fabulous farm house bought recently stands on the other side. It was really hard to adopt a new condition. But it was also necessary follow this new decision since there was a hopeful and lovely future for the baby foxes.

Veysel Baba and his beloved fox friends continued the schedule and supported their friendship filled with love by meeting in Shoreditch Park every weekend. Everything was going great. But several men in suits looking like mafia appeared suddenly around Veysel Baba’s home. He was familiar with similar scenes in his past political journey and he was very experienced against such conditions. Veysel Baba realized immediately that those mafia type men were tracking him. What was it with those strange looking men sitting in taxis all day long and tracking him? Were they chasing the dirty money brought him by an Irishman many years ago? Those so called mafia members should somehow have gotten out of the prison. Even though how would they know the money was delivered by an Irishman? Who told the money was brought to Veysel Baba or how did they reach this information? Everything was now a total puzzle and disturbing enough to keep a person up at nights.

As Veysel Baba went to the current week’s meeting, Silent Foot has asked worriedly for the reason. Veysel Baba told the entire story happened long time ago in this park and he also explained that the persons thought to be the actual owners of this money have set up a camp around his home for the last couple of days. He was thinking that his life was in danger. For this reason, this money should have been definitely returned to the real owners. But, there was a big problem. He couldn’t guess the accurate location of money brought at a midnight and burried somewhere in this park long time ago. Because he participated in a meeting organized in a coastal town outside London upon his friend’s invitation and the old Shoreditch Park was renovated entirely when he returned to London. Many trees were removed from the park and many of them were planted and old roads were closed whereas new cycle lanes were opened and new shape was given to the park. There were many vehicles working for the renovation. The park has lost its old version entirely. Veysel Baba got panicked against the park’s new state. What if one of the workers in this park accidentally found the money buried underground?

Intended to avoid thinking such a dangerous and annoying possibility, Veysel Baba went to Shoreditch Park but failed to find this money although he excitedly dug many areas. Veysel Baba continued the search further. As he didn’t reach a result, he gave up for good.

All fox friends including Silent Foot felt sad by listening the incident told by Veysel Baba in tears. On the other hand, our warmhearted friend Silent Foot had many information regarding Veysel Baba’s words on the money and the recent events since she was the actual owner of this mysterious park. Furthermore, Silent Foot was right there when the money is delivered to Veysel Baba. It was Silent Foot who watched the incidents very carefully at the night our Veysel Baba buried the money. She saw everything and gave solace to Veysel Baba by her words:

“My dear friend! There’s no need to worry. Because I knew very well the place where the money was buried.’’ Upon this good news, Veysel Baba was thrilled to pieces. He hugged his beloved friend Silent Foot with pleasure  and kissed her eyes, cheeks and little paws. Then he asked:

‘’It’s all very well but how do you know the location of money burried underground?’’. Silent Foot replied:

‘’I was there as you buried the money at that night and I was watching you behind the bushes. Since I didn’t know you very well, I just continued watching you.”

Veysel Baba told: ‘’What happened to the money I burried? I took a vacation outside London for a few weeks following this incident. As I returned to London, I have suddenly noticed the money when I saw this beautiful park being renovated. Regardless that I searched for a couple of nights, I didn’t find the damn money.’’ Silent Foot said:

‘’Of course you didn’t find it. Because we removed the money underground and carried to another place with the assistance of our great Lord Parapanu by the beginning of construction. Now, the money you were talking about is safe in its new place.’’

‘’You say safe, but I don’t believe so. The men waiting in front of my home most likely chase this money and they won’t leave unless they get it.’’

‘’My dearest friend! This money is dirty. If this money is taken by the so called mafia members, then it would be returned as a drug and many people would fall apart at the seams. Let the money to remain where it is burried forever.’’

‘’Oh, you kind Silent Foot! I agree with your considerate thoughts. But there is one point that I disagree with you. This money was commended to me and it should be returned to the actual owners. Otherwise, my life would be in danger if you know what I mean’’

‘’Of course, I understand. Just so you know, the great king Lord Parapanu will take an action immediately and find a solution for your problem. As your fox friends, we never make you a victim against the dark scenarios of those so called mafia members. You can trust to us and our great Lord Parapanu. Just stay with us and always become such a good and helpful person. And teach us new things.’’

‘’I have eternal confidence in Lord Parapanu, his beloved wife Princess Batavine and you my dear fox friends. Because you are the one made me to hold on life again and opened the doors of a brand new world. How could I let you down? We have more things to do and more schedules to deal with.’’

Heard this conversation by the Frequency Stone at that night in Shoreditch Park, the great king Lord Parapanu made his move immediately by turning the so called mafia members walking around Veysel Baba’s home for a few days to crows watching the park. Then, he informed the talking fox Silent Foot on this situation. He also told that there is no risk at present. Received this good news from Lord Parapanu, Silent Foot has explained everything in detail to Veysel Baba and thus a wind of happiness embraced everyone.

A problem giving headaches and concerns to our kind Veysel Baba was solved again by the great king Lord Parapanu. By this means, the money will remain buried in this mysterious park. Besides, the people so called the owners of this dirty money have been punished and transformed to crows by the great king Lord Parapanu. They say the poor men turned to crows by Lord Parapanu was guarding as crows in the mysterious Shoreditch Park. They also say the so called mafia members turned to crows by Lord Parapanu was shouting “where is the money?” in every time they caw. If you pass by this mysterious Shoreditch Park and you see several crows around the park, always remember that the crows would be those mafia guys transformed by our good Lord Parapanu.

Veysel Baba’s one more problem was solved.There won’t be anymore unnecessary concerns since a person never wants to experience similar fears again. He was very happy and peaceful with his fox friends. Now, he would make preparations for his new duty with more enthusiasm by leaving the fears and concerns caused by other people. Realized of Veysel Baba’s pleased mood, Silent Foot has seen the opportunity and asked for an interesting request:

‘’Dear Veysel Baba, we have solved one more problem. Sometimes we owe you and sometimes you owe us. We should somehow pay our debts, right? For example, you may tell us a secret that you never shared before.

As your fox friends, we would like to know you better.  If you share a secret with us here at this night, then I would share mine too. Your secrets in exchange for mine. Come on Veysel Baba! Share a secret with us.’’

Veysel Baba was very surprised upon this unexpected request of his beloved friend Silent Foot. He thought for a while and tried to recall some secrets from the past. Then, he decided to tell the most innocent one to all foxes participating in the meeting. By this way, he may learn the unknown points of Holy Ark from his friend Silent Foot.

Returning to the past and recalling the old memories were like a torture for Veysel Baba. Especially, he never wants to remember his political days in country life. His childhood days in a small mountain village are the most innocent memory of his past. Because there were many innocent and dreamy experiences in his memories. However, there were also many mistakes, sins, pains, tragedies and tears in his days spent in the city. 

Particularly during his young ages as he dealt with politics, he was going to the little mountain village for a few months to find peace as well as to regain consciousness and hide himself. For a man involved in politics and sins, the little mountain village has become a shelter. As he was staying with his uncle, he used to give a hand to him in the fields or try to become a treasure hunter in his spare times. At that moment, he decided to share an incident or a secret from his past with the foxes. Since it was requested to reveal secrets and mysteries from the past one by one, it was the best choice to disclose those secrets in such a mystical ambient. Our Veysel Baba started to tell his experiences in a different perspective and a fabulous aspect:

‘’My dear fox friends. I would like to tell you an incident happened during my youth. I was a lively person with an excited nature in those times. During the days as we started out for a better and hopeful world including equality by sharing, we sometimes used to found ourselves under gunfires or experience various tortures under custody. My mother worried about my life during such incidents and sent me to my uncle’s home in the village. In fact, I should mention that I have found the real peace in this little mountain village.

I was helping to my uncle for his works in the fields. I used to dig around during spare times with a shovel in order to find the ancient treasures. Then, in consideration of a story told by my grandpa, I have decided to search for this place. According to my grandfather’s words, there was an Armenian church consisting of communities from several villages. The community of this church named Wang has fallen out with our Alawite people necessarily as it supported the Russian side during Ottoman-Russian War. Then, the community of this church left our village as Russians retreated from the area.

But the church’s priest collected his belongings together with the community’s valuables and hid them in a chest against the assaults of bandits. Then, he took this chest at a midnight and buried in an unkown area of the forest within the church. In order to find the exact place when he would come back, he placed a mark on the area where the gold and jewelry pieces are buried.

As the Armenian community left the area, their church has also been demolished over time. On the church’s wrecks, my grandfathers built a big mansion. Here, I was born in this mansion constructed on the church’s past location. The treasure of Wang Church has become a rumor in the following years and our family’s elders dug many areas to find out this treasure. When I was five or six years, my beloved grandpa mentioned this area in detail. In next years, I have also chased this treasure. To me, it was just curiosity rather than the purpose of becoming rich. The mystical events were making me excited very much.

During my last visit, an old lady told me an incident she experienced during her childhood. According to her words, a few men buried something secretly. The lady followed them for a while and she realized that those men placed certain marks and covered the area with soil. However, one of those men noticed this little girl feeding the animals and requested her to remain silent by scaring with death. She never told anything to anyone as she was so scared. I have started to trace from her words on this incident mentioned during a conversation. By combining both my grandpa’s and the old lady’s words, I have detected the exact location of stated treasure.

The area where the stated treasure was buried is in the woods within Wang Church. It remained mystical under the old trees. I determined this place following a careful observation and started digging. In the middle of an area surrounded with stones in a circular shape, I discovered a rock with a mark resembling veechisel and I continued digging by removing this rock. After a while, I found a new place covered with similar rocks. By the end point of this area designed through a method known by only the Armenian community, I found a tightly sealed chest this time. As I opened this chest sealed with the animal skin, I found many gold and jewelry pieces. I was very excited at that moment and I passed out due to overoxidation in the chest remained closed for over centuries.

It was dark as I regained consciousness. I put back all gold and jewelry pieces, then I buried in the same area. Because I didn’t want my uncle to find out this treasure. It was the time of darkness with junta rule and body searches per mile. For a person involved in politics, taken into custody and interrogated many times, it was risky to walk with tens of gold and jewelry pieces. If I am busted, the treasure would be seized and I would be sentenced for many years due to illegal trafficking of historical artifacts.

Since I was aware of such risks, I have buried this historical treasure in the exact same area.

I was going to return this place as a more experienced person by the end of military rule and I was going to dig out and use this valuable treasure in the best way. But this day has never come. I never returned to the little mountain village. In short, my dreams for the treasure were left behid. Maybe the treasure is waiting for the real owners as it is blessed, who knows? This is one of the greatest secrets in my tearful past. And I shared it for the first time with you, my friends. I don’t know whether you enjoyed, but all the things I told were real and experienced facts.’’ Upon this, all foxes stated at once:

‘’We really liked it Veysel Baba. We thank you for sharing an important secret with us. We would like to hear more, if any.’’ Then our talking fox Silent Foot said:

‘’My dearest fox brothers. It’s almost dawn. Let’s reveal more secrets in next week and return our homes.’’ Consequently, all foxes returned to their homes with the promise to meet at the same place in next week. Our exhausted Veysel Baba also returned home as a person relieved by disclosing his secret.


07/11/2016 Veysel  Baba - Kinder House, London